Armor Products, Inc., thru our Kamlok® brand, offers a variety of products to fit your needs, from standard cam and groove couplers, reducing couplers and adapters to specialty items. We can build orders to military specification and offer specialized services such as anodizing, hard coating and zinc plating. Armor Products, Inc. manufactures aluminum and brass Kamloks® and is a distributor of stainless steel Kamloks®.

Kamlok Twin-Kam


  1. Easy Coupling action. Minimal effort at the ends of the cam arms close adaptor and coupler. 
  2. Highest Quality Gasket Materials. 
  3. Stainless Steel Pins will not rust or bind. 
  4. Highest Quality Alloys. 
  5. Hydrostatically Tested. 
  6. Twin-Kam® Arms. 
  7. Interchangeability with other couplers made to the same specification. Kamlok Quick Couplings are manufactured to the dimensional specifications of MIL-C-27487. 
  8. Guaranteed for Life Arms. Our strong arm guarantee: In the unlikely event that a Twin-Kam Arm ever breaks, we will replace the arm free- no questions asked. 

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